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From Now to Loving your Basement. 

How do we get from you wanting to know more, to JUST BASEMENTS creating a basement you love? We have summarized the next steps below.  

What's Next?

Contact Form

Please click on the CONTACT FORM on our website.  We will gather some preliminary information about your basement redesign / renovation project on the form.  

Within 24 hours, we will be in contact ask some more questions about the project, and provide you with an immediate ballpark.  Historically (over the past 450 basements) we have been within 10 - 15% of the final number.

If you are comfortable with this ballpark range, we will schedule a site visit.

Site Visit

It is in the best interest of efficiency, and a fluid process if all decision makers and contributors to the wish list are present at this initial meeting.

In preparation for this meeting, it is helpful if you jot down some quick thoughts on how you would like to use the space when we are complete.  What is your wish list?  What are the emotional parts?  What are the practical ones.  

During this meeting, we will discuss a verbal design scenario of our initial thoughts on how the space will layout, incorporating your wish list and 'must haves'. 

After taking measurements, and discussing your plans for your new basement, we will provide a much more detailed / line by line / quote.

If you would like to proceed, the next step will be the design process.  


Our design process takes one week.  After the design process is complete, we will email you the preliminary layout of the space complete with a 2D and 3D topographical plan.

The fee to commence the design process is $1,500.  If we are contracted to complete the build of our design, we will credit 50% of this fee back to you on completion of the project.


Upon approval of the design, after some tweaking, finessing and refining, we will begin to schedule our trades and order materials.    

From acceptance of our design and detailed quote to commencement of your basement typically takes two weeks, depending on availability.  We prefer to begin a project and then keep it moving forward to get it done for you to enjoy as quickly as possible.  

Every basement project is different, but on average our builds take 6 to 8 weeks. 

We focus on quality, skill, craft, creativity - not speed.  We understand you are excited to be in your basement as quickly as possible, our goal is to have you enjoy it and appreciate the quality of it, long after we have completed the project.  


Our customers appreciate this approach, which contributes to the consistently glowing reviews  we have received for our work.

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